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Jamaica’s Independence celebrations kick off

The festivity is on, food is on sale, the music and craft have their representation at the 49th year of Jamaican Independence celebration.

The streets of George Town have been ignited with Jamaican Folklore.

Stalls along Cargil Avenue, displayed the Jamaican Culture for all to see and be part of.

From Jamaica’s national dish, of ackee and salt fish, to the rare traditional foods and pastries, such as bullas and puddings and the traditionally acclaimed  “Blue Draws” [a Jamaican pastry made from cornmeal] everything was there.

The eating, drinking, greeting and sampling of different tastes at the Jamaican’s 40th Anniversary of Independence grabbed by passers attention.

Also at the daytime event was Jamaican singing sensation, Christopher Martin, who was all set to rock the evening segment.

The all day celebration started as early as 7:00 am and was accommodated by the closure of some adjoining roads by the RCIPS.

The evening segment, at Reflections in Godfrey Nixon Way, saw Christopher Martin and “Super C” sound system entertaining the independence celebrants.

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