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How to avoid becoming a crime victim

I was speaking to an old friend of mine – a retired law enforcement officer who worked in a precinct in one of the USA’s busiest cities. He visited Grand Cayman recently and he reads iNews every day. He is aware of how our serious crime rate has grown and whilst here he took a long slow ride and walk around all our districts. Even though we are three small islands he said there was still much in common to crime in the US. He came up with these tips on how to avoid becoming a crime victim.

Unattended Property

Many people become a victim to this crime. This mainly happens when someone is in a public place and puts down their wallet, purses, etc., doesn’t pay attention, and then someone picks it up when no one is watching. Popular places for this crime to occur are coffee shops, bars, supermarkets, gyms, churches, schools, your place of business, just about any public place. To help avoid this happening to you follow these guidelines. Never leave anything down by itself, even where you work! It’s as simple as that. If you do have to put something down make sure that you or someone that you are with keeps a close eye on it. If a criminal is trying to take it odds are he won’t if he/she sees someone paying attention. These criminals want to steal your property and walk away when no one is watching, they don’t want to be seen or chased. Do not leave items of value in your car, especially your wallet when playing sports or when you are at the beach.


Otherwise known as a Grand Larceny in the American Penal Law. This usually occurs when someone removes something from someone else’s pocket, bag or purse. Famous places for this to occur are buses, bus stops, bars, stores, sports matches, beaches, cinemas, crowded sidewalks. It can happen in just about any busy, noisy, crowded place. Follow these suggestions so they don’t get you. For women always carry your pocketbook towards the front. When carried on the back or side you cannot see when someone is trying to reach in. For the men always carry your wallet in your front pocket instead of your back pocket or in a jacket pocket. For those of you who are tired or had too much to drink and are travelling on public transportation, don’t fall asleep! Falling asleep makes it much easier and the criminals will even cut your pocket open to get out that wallet, it happens all the time on beaches. In addition to the above just be aware of what is going on around you, criminals will strike when someone is not paying attention.


More famously known to the public as a purse or chain snatch. There are many new snatches out there today. The criminal will take just about anything from you. These include cell phones, money, iPods, phone cards, and credit cards. Many times these criminals are on bicycles for a fast snatch and getaway. Right now cell phones seem to be the most popular. The best way to avoid this from happening to you is not to carry those cellphones, ipods, money and cards in your hand. When not using these items put them away in a safe place. When you have to keep them out, such as when talking on your cellphone, be aware of your surroundings. Place yourself in a position where it would be hard for someone to run or walk by you and hold onto them tightly when someone is near. As with all the other crimes listed here, pay attention to your surroundings.


A Robbery is when someone takes property of another by using force. That force can be physical or just the threat of force. I save this for last because all the crimes discussed above can easily become Robberies. If the purse snatch is done with force, it’s a Robbery. Many times a criminal will use force to steal that money, cell phone, iPod, etc., instead of just snatching it. So if you follow all the guidelines above for unattended property, snatches, pickpockets you will automatically reduce your chances of getting robbed. When driving in your car, make sure you keep your doors locked to prevent someone entering. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you so you can move forward and around if necessary when approached by someone. If you live in an apartment building never enter the building with someone you’ve never seen before. If you see a stranger in the lobby or hallway after entering turn around and leave. Use extreme caution and make sure no one is following you when you have just come from the following places: cash checking, banks or any place where you displayed some money.

Follow these safety guidelines and you will definitely reduce your chances of becoming a victim. If a criminal approaches you and tries to commit any of these crimes, it is important to remember not to resist. Your life is more important than your property. Property can always be replaced but not you.

Stay safe!



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