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Ghett Out – Shebada’s in town!

He’s loud, proud and very, very controversial. And now Jamaican comedian and actor Shebada is coming to Cayman.

Famed for his eccentric behaviour and larger than life characters, Shebada, real name Keith Ramsey, will be playing to a packed audience at the Lion’s Centre on Sunday.

Speaking to iNews Shebada said of his show Ghett Out: “It depicts how people in the Ghetto survive on a daily basis.”

Insane laughter and indescribable theatrics are always in the package when the hilarious Jamaican actor, Keith “Shebada” Ramsey, comes to Cayman.

The tears of hilarity at the actor’s performances have spread from Jamaica to around the globe, including the US, Britain and Canada.

Mr. Ramsey, who was issued with a certificate of gratitude from the State of Massachusetts, says despite the fame he is enjoying, his commitment to making people laugh is worth more than just money.

“I try to take people’s bad situations and make them laugh at it. If a situation is powerful enough to make you sad, then likewise, it should also have the power to make you laugh.” said Shebada

The hilarious and unconventional entertainer will be performing at the Lion’s Center this Sunday in a roots play entitled, Ghett Out.

During his exclusive interview with iNews, Mr. Ramsey gave a sneak preview of the highly anticipated roots play.

Mr. Ramsey said: “Ghett Out takes you back to the real Jamaican living. The play includes all the hardships and struggles that ghetto people go through to make ends meet. It depicts how people in the ghetto survive on a daily basis.”

“Ghett Out also shows how women survive without a husband or spouse. Maud, a character in the play, is an uptown woman who has to struggle to adjust to the downtown Ghetto life, after hard times hit her.

“I am in the play as a hairdresser. I do my hustling as a hairdresser inside the yard.” said Mr. Ramsey

The character, Shebada, is an authentic Caribbean equivalent of America’s, “Madea,” created and played by American theatre icon, actor, and producer, Tyler Perry.

In his assessment of his success as an actor and entertainer, Shebada says he is truly grateful and he is thankful to both the people that love and hate him for his talent.

“My acting talent is a blessing that comes with a responsibility. I have been lucky enough to go to the United States, England and Canada.

“I was given a certificate of appreciation in Boston Massachusetts for the entertainment that I took to the city.

“When you pray and ask God for something you must be willing to give up something.

“People say a lot of bad things about me but anything they say I look at it and just laugh.” said Mr. Ramsey.

Despite his association with conflict and sensationalism, Shebada’s peers deem him as the key to a cohesive community and are reluctant to shun him.

Mr. Ramsey takes seriously his unofficial responsibility to interpret the struggles of  “Ghetto Living.”


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