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GANG WARFARE: Victim linked to Tuesday night Bush murder

Andrew Baptist murdered Thursday

West Bay has become a warzone. Two days, two fatal shootings and two families left devastated.

Andrew Baptist, 24, died in a hail of bullets on Thursday night. Detectives say his name had repeatedly been mentioned in connection with Tuesday’s murder of Robert Bush.

Father of two Baptist was sitting in a yard in Sand Hill Road when two masked gunmen pounced brandishing their weapons.

Baptist’s friends fled leaving the intended target staring down the barrels of the guns.

He never stood a chance and died almost the instant the triggers were pulled.

Robert Bush murdered Tuesday

The shooting, just before 9pm, came less than 48 hours after Bush was murdered in nearby Captain Joe and Osbert Road.

Chief Superintendent John Jones vowed on Friday: “Their luck will run out. I can tell you that.”

Additional reporting by Tricia Russel-Jones


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