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Foster mom Ann is wheely happy!

Representatives from the Department of Children and Family Services, as well as the Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender & Housing were all present when Aall Director, Sophia Harris, handed over the keys to foster mother Ann Haven

It was a great day for Ann Haven, who has fostered more than 70 children over nearly three decades.

She received a brand new Hyundai 9-seater H1 minibus, worth more than 30,000 dollars from the Aall Foundation, a Cayman-based charitable trust.

“I’m very glad because I can carry everybody together at one time. Now I can go out with my nine foster children as a group, to the beach or turtle farm, and don’t have to leave anyone behind,” she said.

When asked why she had opted to be a foster mom, Ms Haven replied: “I just love children, and it’s a thing most of us in my family do.”

Aall Foundation Director, Sophia Harris explained how the donation came about:

“Ann Haven has been a foster mother working with social services. Some of the children she has fostered have come from very difficult backgrounds, and she has risen to the challenge admirably.

“When I listened to the social services workers talk about Miss Haven, they said she needs a vehicle and were quite concerned and quite compassionate about the work Miss Haven had done. I approached the Aall foundation to see if they would get a new vehicle for her and they absolutely agreed it was a worthy cause.”

Alicia Dixon Acting Director, Department of Children and Family Services said: “This morning we are meeting here with one of our longest serving foster parents, Miss Ann Haven who has been fostering for about 27 years now. Aall is generously donating this vehicle for Miss Ann’s personal use, and also for her transporting the foster children back and forth. It’s a way of recognising the excellent work she does and continues to do in the community.

Left to right: Aall Director Sophia Harris, with foster mother Ann Haven

Another Director of the trust, Michael Austin, explained Aall’s work: “It’s a foundation that was left with a pool of money through various reasons. The foundation’s objectives are pretty wide charitable objectives, not necessarily in Cayman but also worldwide.”

Acting Foster Care Coordinator with the Department of Children and Family Services, Nicole Carter, appealed for more foster parents like Ms Haven: “There’s always an urgent need for foster parents, persons who are willing to open their homes and lives to vulnerable children. Single persons or married persons who feel that they want to foster children, please contact me at 9490290.”


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