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Foster’s Food Fair IGA introduces another “green” initiative

Cardboard Bale

Foster’s Food Fair IGA is pleased to announce the recent recycling initiative to send cardboard bales to a company in Miami called Miami Waste Paper.

Every week a container of about 40 bales weighing anywhere from 600-1100 pounds is sent to this Miami based company. Companies such as Miami Waste Paper, collect large volumes of recyclable paper and cardboard materials, and sell it as raw material mostly to tissue mills, boxboard mills, and overseas paper manufacturers.

This initiative is another way for Foster’s to continue to help the environment and build on the “green” mission that we are trying to achieve. As much cardboard as we go through daily we found it necessary to find a way to alleviate some of the problems the island is currently facing with the landfill and amount of garbage that is placed there daily.  Our slogan of “We Care” is more than just words, it is the way we approach every customer and any project that benefits the community stated Woody Foster, the Managing Director of Foster’s Food Fair IGA.

Since the Cayman BECOME campaign we are continuously looking for avenues to enrich the community and help the environment. We again thank our customers for their continued support and will continue to serve the people of the Cayman Islands.


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