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First cat adoption roadshow at Camana Bay

These adorable kittens are looking for loving families

“Daffy” and “Spam” were two of the lucky cats that found new homes when the Humane Society held their very first Cat Adoption Roadshow at Camana Bay.

Ms Aileen Samuels who helped organise the roadshow said: “It was a big success. I would do it again. It was a long day, but it was well worth it.”

While idea of adoption roadshows for dogs are well established, the fear that cats would become too stressed by being moved around has been one of the factors that have held back cat roadshows. But Ms. Samuels was pleasantly surprised:

“I thought they would be panic stricken but the cats actually adapted well and even seemed to be enjoying themselves. They had a playpen, a furry teddy and a fur ball for them to play with. It was good fun,” she said.

Jason Jairam of the Humane Society prepares for the Cat Road Show at Camana Bay

“It was good fun. Thanks to Power Flower for their trees and plants and to Animal House for their sponsorship towards the T-shirts. Also, thanks to Island Veterinary Service for their gift vouchers and to Camana Bay for the fabulous air conditioned facility they provided – it was much appreciated by our furry friends and our good hearted volunteers,” she added.

Stressing the need for shelter cats to find loving homes, Ms Samuels said:

“Cats in the shelter are cats that have been left abandoned because of rollover, or cats that have wandered off and been found, or cats that are feral cats bred in the wild, picked up as kittens and socialised.”

Explaining how the new idea evolved, Humane Society Shelter liaison, Twila Escalante, said:

“We do road shows at Camana Bay on the first Saturday of every month for dogs and we wanted to give the cats a bit more exposure. A few of our volunteers got together and approached Camana Bay and they said they’d be happy to give us a space.”

“Please give us a home,” say these beautiful cats at the Humane Society shelter.

Humane Society President, Carolyn Parker said: “Its fantastic. It’s the first time we’ve ever done it. It gives the public an excellent opportunity to see the beautiful cats we have available for adoption outside of the shelter.”

Lynn Smith-Moore, communications manager for Dart Cayman Islands, who provided the cats with the space for the roadshow, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer space to them and support the Humane Society in their efforts to find homes for the cats.”



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