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Emceeing a wedding

I don’t think women make the best emcees. There are exceptions. Cat Deeley, host of “So You Think You Can Dance” is one and locally, Vickie Wheaton is another. So when I was asked to emcee a wedding here I was stunned. Even though I think I am the funniest and most charismatic member of the family, at first I was going to say a reluctant ‘no,’ but my ego got the best of me so I affirmed.

I was given these tips and I found them useful.

Know beforehand all the important events that will take place during the wedding reception and when each one will occur. Make it a point to know every member of the wedding entourage, by name, especially if there is to be a receiving line. Familiarise yourself with each member of the party. Be engaging and get the audience involved in the entertainment. Have a few guests offer a toast to the bride and groom.

You don’t have to be deliriously funny or charismatic but a huge smile and a laugh goes a long way. Take note as to how well the guests receive your joke or story. After you’ve told your best joke and there is silence – move on.

Finally. Know your limits. Even though you are the master/mistress of ceremonies it doesn’t mean you have to announce every single aspect throughout the course of the reception. However, make sure you announce that the bride and groom are now going to cut the cake!




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