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Elite awards the footballing elite

Coach Greg Ebanks presents award

Elite Sports Club of West Bay scored a major win with its 2011 Awards Banquet at the Sir John A Cumber Primary School.

The club’s leading players and coaches were honored in the presence of numerous supporters.

Coaches Tiger Wilson, Martha Godet, William Medina, Gregory Ebanks, and Marcus Cumber received acknowledgement for their contribution to the development of local football.

Players were awarded in various categories, including: Most disciplined player, Most improved player, Most valuable player, Leading Goal scorer, and Best Goalkeeper.

The coaches also received recognition for their tenure and commitment to the accomplishments of the Elite Sports Club. The Banquet’s organisers uniquely combined the bestowing of honuors and awards with the provision of good food and fine entertainment.

The night’s compares, Susan and Tiger Wilson directed the show.

Tiger Wilson did a mysterious introduction of awardee, coach Marcus Cumber.

The coach created huge suspense by outlining the accolades of coach Cumber before revealing his name.

Mr. Wilson said: “This person has helped us a lot in football.

“He was once the Cayman Islands National coach.

“He did the “grass roots” programme and helped to uplift the sport of football in the Cayman Islands.”

When the name “Coach Marcus” was announced there was wild jubilation.

Coach Marcus emerged, from the audience, waving emphatically to his ardent supporters.

Other high points of the evening included a traditional folk dance between storyteller Daphne Orrett and Tiger Wilson.

The Elite Football Club was established in January 2006. The mission statement of the club is the creation of an atmosphere for youths and adults that is accepting, challenging, friendly, fun, and safe.

The club’s mission also includes the facilitation and nurturing of self-confidence among its growing youths and commitment to the development of their skills in a wholesome environment.

In the ‘Under 15 category’ the awards issued were as follows:

  • Most improved player: Hugh Thomas
  • Most Disciplined Player/s: Andrey Alexander/ Andrew Alexander
  • Goalkeeper of the year: Nathan Ebanks
  • Best Defender of the year: Vinardo Elliott
  • Leading Goal scorer: Kaleb Giron/ Mario Ebanks
  • Most valuable player: Leighton Thomas
  • Youngest Goal scorer: (Aged 8) Barry Dre Tibbetts

Under 15 (Coach Tiger Wilson)

  • Most improved player: Christopher Reeves
  • Most Disciplined player: Jevin Ebanks
  • Goalkeeper of the year: Garfield (Junior) Green
  • Best Defender of the year: Justin Rankine
  • Leading Goal scorer: Jonathan Anglin
  • Most valuable player: Justin Rankine

Under 17 (Boys) (Coach) Tiger Wilson

  • Most improved player: Jordan Jefferson
  • Most Disciplined player: Romario Ebanks
  • Goalkeeper of the year: Danner Taylor- Nelson
  • Best Defender of the year: Justin Rankine
  • Leading Goal scorer: Kaleb Ebanks
  • Most valuable player: Jermaine Wilson

Awards under the above categories have also been bestowed on the Under 17 Girls Team, coach Martha Godet.

  • Senior Women’s Football Team, (coach Martha Godet)
  • Division 1 (Coach William)
  • Premier League (Gregory Ebanks)

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