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With the announcement recently that Grand Cayman’s landfill will re-locate near to Breakers, Bodden Town it has brought a loud NIMBY reaction from the District’s residents. NIMBY stands for ‘Not In My Backyard’ and this was understandably the feeling from the meeting on Thu (12) night held at Bodden Town Civic Centre.

The residents are fearful of leakage, uncontrolled growth and obnoxious smells from the proposed 110 acre Dart Realty and C.I. Government deal. One only has to see and smell the Mount Trashmore dump in George Town to make anyone say NIMBY!

However, technology has changed and usually for the better. The Dart Group will develop a new modern eco-waste park, engineered, lined, sealed and enclosed and they, together with the Premier and other government ministers, did a 45 minute slide show presentation at Thursday’s meeting.

Whether anyone will be convinced by the presentation, we will have to wait and see but wherever it goes it will always raise the cry of NIMBY.



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