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Duke of Edinburgh awards signal good work for West Bay

A ray of hope shines from the community of West Bay, as a positive youth group continues to cultivate values and attitude.

Despite adversities in and around the district, a group of about 40 young people have committed themselves to being exemplary citizens of the West Bay community.

The adolescents are part of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Youth Development Programme, a series of activities for young people that seeks to instill and nurture positive values and work ethics.

National Chairman, Mrs. Katherine Jackson, explained that the Youth Development Program is time and goal oriented.

Mrs. Jackson stressed that there are physical and mental challenges involved in the club membership experience that were especially designed to teach the participants discipline, determination, and perseverance.

Mrs. Jackson described obstacle courses, which must be conquered by participants, which include travelling over long, difficult and uneven terrains, including the Cayman Island’s “Mastic Trail,” in Frank Sound, as part of a point scoring system and to qualify for an award.

Group members may be assigned different challenges over or between one to four year periods and must satisfy the standards for performance established by The Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Mrs. Jackson said: “This Youth Development Programme targets activities in the four major areas of young people’s lives.

HRH Duke of Edinburgh

“Community service, physical recreation, skills, and expedition.

“The programme focuses on enhancing the participants physically, mentally and spiritually.

“A young person should be well balanced. The focus cannot always be only on academics.

“Young people need physical recreation so there can be balance to their lives.

“With the proper balance youths can better understand how to live in their community and care for others and maintain their health.

“It is not a school programme, it is a Young People’s Development Programme.

“At the end of their tenure, we assess each club member to determine if they have achieved the required amount of sessions necessary to qualify for an award.”







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