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Dr Shetty offers to help Jordan

Newborn Jordan Binckes looks set to gain the heart operation he desperately needs.

Bangalore-based pediatrician and heart specialist Dr Devi Shetty, has offered to help the tiny tot who was born with two holes in his heart.

“Dr Shetty is prepared to help, but the baby needs to get a bit older, a bit more mature,” said Gene Thompson, local director for Bangalore-based Dr Devi Shetty’s Narayana Group, which is planning the Narayana Cayman Medical University.

“The analysis says between four months and six months, and that everything his doctor is doing right now is exactly right. They just want to wait a little while,” Mr Thompson said, “and continue his medication.”

Michael Binckes, father to five-week old Jordan, said he was waiting for a final analysis by the Indian doctor, but that “Dr Shetty said he would do it for whatever the insurance will pay. We are just waiting for him to come back to us.

“We are just so grateful. This is fantastic news. We cannot thank Dr Shetty enough.”

A 5 August fundraiser at Lone Star Bar and Grill, where Jordan’s mother Alexa works, raised nearly $9,000 for the infant. Contacted by iNews after the fund-raiser, Mr Thompson said subsequent analysis of the heart defect indicated the problem was not as urgent as originally feared.

“This looks likely to close,” he said of the two holes affecting Jordan’s heart. “It’s not unusual. They say they see this type of thing all the time, and they will sometimes close up by themselves. It’s not as urgent as long as he remains on medication.

“There are two holes. One is close to the valve and the other is not so near and is much smaller. We are very willing to help, though.” He said he expected further details from the doctor on Tuesday night.

Mr Binckes was less certain about Jordan’s heart problems. saying his 10-centimetre heart had a two-and-a-half centimetre hole, “so it’s one- quarter of his heart, and according to the doctors in Miami, this will not heal itself.

“The problem is that we cannot get him re-screened here, so next month we fly up to Miami Children’s Hospital for a screening,” he said, “and that’s when we’ll have a better idea of where we’re heading.”

Both Mr Thompson and Mr Binckes acknowledged that the nearly 10,000-mile, 32-hour flight between Cayman Islands and Bangalore could be medically prohibitive.

“It is a long way and long-distance flying is not recommended,” said Mr Binckes.”We absolutely will do it, but we are trying to get it done in the US.”

”It’s a long trip,” Mr Thompson said. “Dr Shetty won’t do the operation in the US. He is not licenced to practice in the US, so it will be done in India if we do it. If it is done in the US, that will be their choice.”

He said Dr Shetty preferred not to discuss his offer to the Binckes family. “He does not do it for publicity and he doesn’t like to talk about it. You’ll find that he almost never does. He does this to help people, saying God gave him a gift and he is only practicing that.”


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