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Death of America

From the first day the USA was founded to the days since Bill Clinton left office was, for me, the last time America was in touch with reality.

The USA was not founded by politicians, it was founded by leaders.

Leaders that were born and did not have to be educated to lead the country.

I remember well when all most folks needed was a high school diploma to get most jobs. But over the years this has changed. Since the Bush and Obama years college education is the primary concern today. Without it how can you improve yourself today? Eventually every job we have will not only require a college education but a credit check as well. A simple job like working at McDonald’s will probably need certification in the culinary field. Retailers will require certain types of Business Degrees from their employees.

Politicians, both Democrat and Republicans, are destroying everything the USA stands for as they blame each other for all our woes and seem to enjoy their constant rivalry on the playground of tax dollars.

When are we going to elect politicians who support the people and not the evil party politics?

When are we going to have a justice system that gives back control of our country to the people?

Political fraud is the big popular crime the USA is dealing with and we know who you are! Your days are numbered. If not – it is the death of the USA.


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