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Caymanian officer powers up

For 23-year-old Jason Ebanks, it is all about keeping his focus up.

(From left): At the Planning Department, newly qualified Caymanian Certified Elevator Inspector Jason Ebanks and Chief Building Control Officer Emerson Piercy. (Photo by Bina Mani)

As the first Caymanian Certified Elevator Inspector in the Planning Department, Jason is not resting on his laurels. He is already gearing up to become an Elevator Inspection Supervisor, so he can train other Caymanians.

A John Gray High School graduate, Jason decided one year into his associate’s degree programme in natural sciences that he preferred the vocational route.

Joining the Planning Department in May 2007 as a clerical officer, he continued his studies at the University College of the Cayman Islands in Electro-Technology and then found his niche in elevator inspection.

He trained under the department’s elevator inspectors, Gerald Mazur followed by Thomas Waardenburg, both from the US. Further hands-on training was at a hotel and casino project in Tampa.

It wasn’t long before he could apply to the certifying organization, US-based National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, which invited him to take its qualifying examination in June 2007. Three weeks later, he had earned the right to use the acronym CEI which stands for Certified Elevator Inspector.

The father of a toddler demonstrates his seriousness for his profession by tackling his assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. He needs two more years’ practical experience before he can apply to become an Elevator Inspection Supervisor.

Once approved, he will continue in his job, take courses and seek the next certification, he says. His goal: to attain qualifications so he can teach younger Caymanians and get them into the building trade.

“Jason’s dedication should inspire both his peers and younger persons,” Director of Planning Haroon Pandohie says. “I am happy he has stayed the course and will pursue further training to improve his career. Inspectors have to master a number of codes, which can change every year. So continuing education is vital, something that Jason fully appreciates.”

Jason’s boss, Chief Building Control Officer Emerson Piercy endorses the young officer’s diligence and competence. “Much responsibility rides on our inspectors and even though Jason is one of our youngest, he is proficient in his job. I am pleased he is part of our team and an inspiration to other young Caymanians, at the same time.”

Mr. Piercy adds, “I welcome his enthusiasm and can confidently say Jason has nowhere else to go but up!”

For his part, Jason enjoys the challenges he faces on a daily basis while doing his job, which ranges from final to annual inspections. And he has some important advice for young persons: “Don’t let anyone hold back your progress. You need ambition and you then need to be serious and focused to attain your goal.”




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