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“The Dream Lives,” was Dr. Medina Pullings’ message at the Cayman Outreach Association’s Monthly dinner at the Triple C School Hall.

The international Christian conference speaker and pastor told dinner guests to cherish and protect their God-given dreams, using the bible story of Joseph as an example.

A God-given dream or vision could have great power, she said, not only to change your future, but to change the future of those around you. “A big dream will go beyond your little life,” she said.

“Joseph dreamed a dream…and his brothers hated him the more,” read Dr Pullings.

“You’ve got to be careful not to share your dream with the dream killers…who will always tell you why you can’t instead of why you can,” she said.

Although Reuben, one of the brothers, spoke up for Joseph, he was still involved in the plot to get rid of him. “How many people in jail only intended to ‘go so far’?” she asked.

Dr. Medina then described how Joseph was pushed into an empty cistern before being sold into slavery. Yet he was faithful in whatever he did, and by a turn of events, rose to an important position within Pharaoh’s household.

His hope came from a deep assurance of his relationship with God, sustained him no matter how hopeless his circumstances, she said.

“He knew who he was. God in your life can give you consistency in your personality,” she said.

“You are not trying to be blessed – you’re already blessed,” she said, before quoting from the Book of Deuteronomy,“ ‘I’m blessed when I come in, and blessed when I go out.’

“If the devil cannot kill you, he will try to diminish the quality of life you have…you’ve got to make a decision to be happy every day.” She said.

Putting the story practice, Dr. Medina encouraged her listeners to seek after excellence in their present situation.

“What is your excuse that you can’t maximize where you are?” she asked the guests. “It is a principle that if you are excellent at what you do…promotion is inevitable.”

Getting to the part of the story where Joseph’s estranged brothers were forced, by a famine to go into Egypt, where they meet with Joseph, and have to bow down to him, just as in his dream.

Despite many setbacks and obstacles, Joseph had remained faithful, both in his relationship to God and his relationship to those around him.
“When he went into Pharaoh’s house…blessing followed him,” she said.

Steadfast hope and faith in the face of adversity was a theme in many different scriptures, Dr. Medina said. She quoted from the Old Testament story of the widow whose son had just died, yet was still able to speak from a faith-filled heart, “ ‘All is Well,’ she told Elijah.

“Only God can give you the peace that passes all understanding,” she said.

“You’ve got to keep on dreaming no matter what it looks like,” she said, encouraging her listeners to keep going regardless of setbacks. “It’s not a setback, it’s a ‘set-up’ for the glory of God,” she said.



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