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Cayman: Department of Agriculture reports actions taken after Animal Welfare Officers threatened

In recent months, the Department of Agriculture (DOA) Animal Welfare & Control Officers and other public service members have received numerous threats to cause harm and injury as a result of the performance of their duties. Threats to safety are a serious offence in the Cayman Islands, more so against any persons employed in the public service, in the Penal Code (2022 Revision).

The public is hereby advised to respect the roles of The Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare and Control Officers, staff members, and management. The Department of Agriculture has a zero-tolerance approach to any threat made to their staff, and all threats will be reported to the RCIPS and investigated. 

“Threats to a Public Officer are a serious offence and we as an organization take this extremely seriously. Our Animal Welfare and Control Officer(s) risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of the animals and the community,” Mr Adrian Estwick, Director of Agriculture said.

“The Department of Agriculture would like to express its gratitude to persons in the community and other law enforcement agencies for their continued support in the collaborative effort to ensure the safety of our officers, staff, animals and community.” 

As stated in part IX, sections 84 to 88, Animal Welfare Officers have the power to enforce animal welfare, and to investigate and prosecute offenders for animal cruelty offences with the same rights and immunities as RCIPS Constables.


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