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Casting a line for direction

A group of teenage boys from John Gray High School prepare to go fishing, with (Left, seated) Mr. Stephen Johnson, (Standing, l-r) Ian Richardson, and Christopher Murray.

Fishing for Purpose is a new programme for boys from John Gray High School, aimed at finding purpose on life’s journey from older male role models – while having fun fishing.

The idea came to Christopher Murray, School Counsellor at John Gray High School, during the summer holidays.

“Fishing for Purpose is aimed at having meaningful relationships developed between positive male role models and teenage boys.

In addition to that, it addresses the dilemma, that in our society most of our boys are not finding their true identity – this is because of poor role models.

“So we are creating an opportunity for them to have a fun, yet meaningful time, as we believe our boys need ‘tour guides’ to help them on the journey of life.

“We will be going fishing two Saturdays per month to socialise and have fun and we hope that we’ll not just catch fish but see that young men will find purpose too.

15-year old Sidney Jamal Miller, who will be taking part

“We will be taking two boats out on the reef that can hold about 15 persons between them. At the moment, we have five men who are helping with the programme but we are looking for more to join in. We are especially looking for people with boats they would be willing to let us use.”

15-year old Sidney Jamal Miller was really looking forward to the fishing trips, which begin in just over a week. “I think it’s a good idea. It’s a good opportunity for us to get out and learn to avoid going down the wrong road in life from someone who’s older. As well as learning a little bit of fishing skills too.”

Those interested in helping can call Mr. Murray at 916 5559


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