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Call for cancer patients to register

Lluvia Hirsch (Marriott Beach Resort), Jennifer Weber (Cancer Society) and Segio Sosa (Marriott Beach Resort).

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is calling for patients to join their register so they can learn more about the deadly disease.

The organisation wants to gather accurate statistics to allow them to assess the need for local specialists and equipment.

During a weekend health fair at the Marriott Hotel called “Conquering Cancer”, Society Registrar Milena Connolly said it was vital to determine the number of people with cancer in Cayman.

Mrs Connolly added: “I am expecting as many people as possible to learn about the registry and sign up. Without the statistics we cannot work for the people.

“The H.S.A, and the Cancer Society needs to find out how many people on the Island do have cancer, as the statistics from the H.S.A were different from those of the Cancer Society.

“We want a population based registry, and private doctors can also register their patients. The Government and Ministry of Health is behind the registration.”

The event saw staff wear Conquering Cancer T-shirts.

Governor, H.E Duncan Taylor was also in attendance and took part in the health checks on offer.

The health fair provided general information to the public on cancer treatment options, prevention, early detection, and the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.

Representatives from various medical, nutritional, and pharmaceutical companies were at hand to provide samples and information on different products.

The speakers at the conference included local and visiting cancer specialists, medical doctors, and physicians.

Governor Duncan Taylor has a health check

Medical students from the St. Mathews University, Cayman Islands, conducted free blood, glucose and pressure checks.

The medical professionals also briefed the public on the various types and mutations of cancer, including statistics on the status and rate of proliferation of the disease throughout the Caribbean.

The specialists also discussed developments and ongoing research in the study and treatment of breast, cervical, ovarian, lung, and colon cancers, providing PowerPoint and photographic descriptions of some cases.


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