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CABLE WARS: Hurley’s to join digital TV market

Randy Merren is the owner of Hurley’s Entertainment and the man behind Infinity.


A new internet, telephone and digital TV company is set to be launched in Cayman. The $20m project promises to cover 95% of the Island’s properties within two years time.

Infinity Broadband Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding with a strategic partner to launch a triple play fiber optic network company.

It will mean viewers will be able to watch several hundred digital television channels from across the world. And people will also be able to watch 3DTV, multi-room and Time Shifting television allowing people to watch programmes whenever they choose.

The man behind Infinity is Hurley’s Entertainment supremo Randy Merren.

Yesterday Mr Merren said: “We are delighted to have reached this important milestone on the way to delivering a world class fibre network to the people and businesses within the Cayman Islands.

“The Cayman Islands will become one of the few places in the world that can boast a nationwide fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) nationwide network capable of bringing state of the art services to both our homes and the business community.”

The new project will be in direct competition to WestStar, the only cable television provider in Cayman.

And they will go head to head with telecom giants Digicel and Lime in providing internet and telephone services.


Infinity will provide high – speed internet connections up to 15mbps and voice over internet protocol telephone services.

They are the only triple play provider that is fully licensed by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA).

Customers additionally will be able to watch TV on their iPads, laptops and other tablet devices. In addition, customer set-top boxes will have the capability to deliver HD-TV, Pay Per View and Video on Demand.

The main network will be kept in a central location and the fibre network will be distributed across the island using previously existing infrastructure, so as to avoid both the cost and inconvenience of trenching roads throughout
the island.

They say 75% of all properties will be able to access the initial range of services with a year and a half from the start of the build-out, and 95% within two years.

Mr. Merren added: “The Cayman Islands appear to be the last islands in the Caribbean to have a wired Cable TV solution yet we have the highest GDP per capita in the region.


“It is going to require a significant investment to achieve a nationwide fibre optic network and we would be extremely interested to speak to additional investors that wish to participate in subsequent financing rounds”.

“Infinity is bringing a whole new world of entertainment to Cayman with new and impressive features to grab our attention. The world of phone, internet and TV services in Cayman is on its way to being changed for the better.”

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