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Bush sticks to pay raise promise

Premier McKeeva Bush will recommend the reinstatement a 3.2% cost of living allowance for civil servants.

In a statement released by Mr Bush he said, “I promised the Civil Service across the board last year that once our finances began to stabilise and recover, I would give them back the 3.2%  which had to be rolled back as a result of government’s financial situation.

“Because we have done well as a Government, managing our finances, I will be recommending to the Governor in Cabinet, with the support of elected colleagues, to reinstate the 3.2% cost of living, effective by September’s pay day.

“I probably will have to talk to the Minister of the FCO as they control our budget, since the PPM allowed this under the PMFL. There will still be tight restrictions on expenditure for this year – and fiscal prudence must continue to be maintained. I am sure I will have to make up the expenditure in saving, but the good Lord will help us through this effort as we try to help our people.

“I wish to thank all of the hard working Civil Servants for their help in achieving this and we believe that this is certainly the right thing to do.




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