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Brainy Sarah swots up on Cayman

It’s the most daunting chair in Britain: Mastermind, a TV game show where Britain’s brainiest are grilled with excruciatingly difficult questions.

“I’ve started so I’ll finish,” – one of the show’s catch phrases – was recently heard by 28-year old Sarah Waller winner of the first round of the show.

Ms. Waller lives in Ascot, England, but she comes here to visit her mother’s cousin, Bill … who lives at Sea Spray Drive, Bodden Town.

Each contestant has to answer general knowledge questions and then a section on their “specialist subject”. And Sarah has chosen the Cayman Islands.

“I applied for the show in November last year, and the auditions were held in March,” Ms. Waller said.

There was a moment of tension, however, during the general knowledge section.

“I was asked the name of a dessert made with flower, eggs, and milk, cooked with brandy. I said, ‘crepe’ and John Humphries (the show’s host) said, ‘more?’ and I said, ‘Crêpe Suzette,” (the right answer).

There was also a long quote from a famous historical person, but she had no idea who it was when asked. “You’ll kick yourself when I tell you – it was Guy Fawkes,” Mr. Humphries said.

Ms. Waller won the first round, which means she must go back to London in September when the next round will be filmed.

“I chose ‘The life and work of Antonia Forest,’ as my specialist topic in the first round.  When I go back for the next round, my topic will be, “The History of the Cayman Islands,” she said.

Ms. Waller says the book, ‘Founded Upon the Seas: A History of the Cayman Islands and their People by Michael Craton has been very useful, and she began reading it while she was still in England.

“I’ve been studying since May. I didn’t realise there was so much history here,” she said.

“I’ve been finding out about events like the ’32 Hurricane and the Wreck of the Ten Sails. But there are so many things about Cayman’s history I just didn’t know…like the very first people to stay overnight here were Dutch,” she said.

Mastermind, featuring Sarah, will be shown on television in the UK before Christmas. We’ll keep you posted on how Sarah does.


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