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Brac Community speak out on Tourism Awareness

Honourable Juliana O’Connor-Connolly

The Brac played welcome to government and tourism officials and treated them to the feel of Brac hospitality, lifestyle and landscape in the days leading up to Tourism Awareness 2011.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) presentation for the Brac community was held in the Aston Rutty Centre on Saturday 3rd.

The meeting opened as Mrs. Casandra Morris welcomed the large gathering, and then Mrs. Chevala Burke sang the National Song.

Remarks were given from the Deputy Premier Honourable Julianna O’Connor-Connolly and the Premier Hon. McKeeva Bush along with an announcement that the Cayman Brac Airport was to be renamed as the Capt. Charles Kirkconnell International Airport.

Mrs. Rosa Harris presented an update on tourism efforts.  Visual aids provided the crowd an insight of the marketing schemes such as ‘Cayman Kind’ available on Google and the Dept. of Tourism’s video, which is being produced on the Brac.

She assured the Brackers of their commitment to include the sister islands in all marketing projects and that such scheduling was well ahead of the projected timeline.

Residents were encouraged to voice their opinions for necessary changes in order to relieve current economic constraints in Cayman Brac.

Raymond Scott articulately addressed the seemingly insane fee of $5,000 inflicted by the Planning Department for the removal of beach rock after storm surges.  Mr. Scott had raised this issue many times before publicly and noted his concerns were expressed at the first Town Hall Meeting to no avail.  The subject of irrationally inflated gas prices were raised as well.

Ed Lee Martin eloquently enlightened the visitors of the extortionist food prices, citing a $5 box of Corn Flakes in Grand Cayman can be had on the Brac for those willing to spend more than $14 for the same item.

Pearcy Whorms offered his solution for the sinky pond situation on the south side of the western end of the Brac.  His proposal was to dig deep into the mucky bottom to give better ebb and flow for recirculation.

It was stated to the attendants that the Marina was still in consideration and plans were still in the processing stage.  The timeline seemed to be approximately 2 years away.

Gerrard Smith Airport is soon to be renamed Capt. Charles Kirkconnell International Airport.

Speakers from the floor were applauded by their fellow residents for their oral contributions and taking a stand to be heard by the governing forces.

The overall response for an intended plan of action in relation to these various concerns seems to lie within the final assessment of a Survey for the Cost of Living in Cayman Brac.  Department heads such as Planning will consider complaints levied against current policies and revisit the issues and considerations for changes.

The meeting closed with a general feeling of goodwill.  Visitors and residents enjoyed refreshments and continued on afterwards with further discussions once the 2 ½ hour meeting concluded.



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