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I know our Editor-in-Chief is not a big fan of the majority of blogs that fill up the websites of other local media houses but blogging is here to stay and it is everyone’s right to have a voice and therefore blog.

There is an estimated 40,000 new blogs being started daily and this has quickly attracted the attention of entrepreneurs in the web hosting business because there is hardly any investment required.

It is true most blogs are hosted free, but many blogs are gaining such high traffic so quickly they are forced to find paid web hosting as they exceed their allocated bandwidth. Virtually all successful bloggers own several blogs. This is significant because it is not easy to own several websites since lots of technical know-how and time is required to maintain a single website, let alone several. A web hosting business that targets blogs is bound to grow a lot faster than the one that only seeks clients from the ranks of traditional websites.

The real benefit that blogs provide to any web hosting business is the huge traffic they generate almost effortlessly.

Our own website,, has changed dramatically over the short time since we appeared on the scene. The pdf nature of the site didn’t lend itself to blogging but now with the new interactive home page it is a blogger’s delight and we encourage you to post. I shall enjoy reading them. What ever they are.


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