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BE-CERT sets the example

(L-R): Mr. Harvey Stephenson, Lillian Powell, Hon. Mark Scotland, Botshelo Webster, Melesia Adderley, Jennifer Walters, Waldin Walters, Jacklen Burton, Errington Webster, Monique Hayles, Charlene Roberts, Marie Rose, MLA Anthony Eden, Millicent Webster, Eric Webster, Loraine Williams, Lesile Morunt, McCleary Frederick, MLA Dwayne Seymour, Omar Afflick (missing from the picture is Sheree Rankine-Ennis).

The Belford Estates Community Emergency Response Team (BECERT) presented emergency passes to all its members and got plenty of plaudits from the gathered crowd for their efforts to make the community a better place.

The presentation held at Bodden Town Civic Centre on Thursday August 25 was attended by leading community members as well as  Hon. Mark Scotland and  MLAs Dwayne Seymour and Anthony Eden.

BECERT, a non-profit organisation is geared towards the Belford Estates community. Their aim is to help with the management of preventing the loss of life and property damage from a disaster in the community.

BECERT members who have successfully obtained their certificates in CPR, first aid and emergency passes from Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) were complimented for the glowing example that they set to the rest of the island.

“I hope other districts take seriously the model that BECERT have constructed and foster the ideas in their own areas,” said Dwayne Seymour elected MLA for Bodden Town. “It’s not easy to achieve this level of preparedness and community cohesion. That’s why no where else on the island has a model quite like this at the moment. This community is the key to creating a wonderful community spirit.”

Liaison Officer, Millicent Webster who led the proceedings said that the whole team were “in this together” and that she is very excited to see the new hurricane kits, donated by HMCI, in action during their emergency exercise. “We care to make a difference for the better.” she added.

Hon. Mark Scotland said, “BE-CERT have set a wonderful example. They demonstrate solidarity and the commitment and willingness to get involved in your community. I wish every community had leadership like this.”

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