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Adjustable Beds

Sleep is essential for our existence; it is the state of natural rest to re-energise the body. During sleep the body regains much needed strength, and relieves the tiredness brought about by daily activities. A third of a person’s life is spent sleeping in bed, which is why it is important to have a comfortable bed to rest on.  Many people are not aware that they are sleeping in uncomfortable beds. This is evident why some parts of your body ache after a long sleep. You may also feel restless no matter how long you sleep.

If you think flat beds are better, you should consider that they do not offer any support to your body during sleep. The best choices are adjustable beds that are also known as hospital or electric beds. They can be adjusted into various positions to make sleeping more comfortable, aid certain medical conditions and also help getting in and out of the bed. If you have a medical condition that requires you to sleep in certain positions then an adjustable bed may be able help. Those who are temporarily or permanently bed-ridden to make daily life more comfortable can also use them.

Modern beds can be adjusted by a remote control to adjust either the upper end of the bed to raise and lower the back and head, or the lower end of the bed to raise and lower the legs. They can also be fitted with extra features such as heat and massage.

The human body is not flat but curved in so many areas. This is the reason why we feel uncomfortable when we sleep on a flat bed. Sleeping on flat beds causes strain to the body since your body cannot adjust normally to a flat surface. With adjustable beds you can regulate the angle of incline of the head so that the neck is in the correct position relative to your whole body, giving you more comfort through the night.

Choosing the correct position can notably reduce various body pains such as neck and back pains, shoulder tension and other body aches. You can adjust the bed to any height so you never have to stack pillows to watch TV, read or do anything in bed that requires you to be upright. With an adjusted upper body during sleep your air passages are more open so you breathe better during sleep. Acid reflux is reduced if you elevate your head that prevent stomach acids from moving towards the esophagus. The upper back and shoulders are also spared from pressure so you wake up refreshed. And with an adjusted head height, snoring is prevented, giving you and your sleep partner a good night’s sleep. The lower body can also be elevated to your desired height to increase circulation throughout the whole body.

Combined with the right mattress, you can further maximize the comfort of an adjustable bed. A good mattress to match the adjustable bed’s feature is a memory foam mattress because it diminishes pressure points or body impact, which can give your body improved circulation. Unlike ordinary mattresses a memory foam mattress contours to your body giving you more point-to-point support.

Instead of using springs these mattress uses a layer of state-of-the-art Viscoelastic memory foam. Underneath are layers of high-resilience and pre-crushed foam. Memory foam mattresses also adjust to body warmth permitting your muscles to relax. With these materials and contouring capability, you are ensured of a recharging and pleasant sleep.

Most beds are made to standard sizes as outlined below. Some manufacturers will make more bespoke beds and tailor them to the customer’s needs.

  • Single: 39” x 75”
  • Standard Double: 54” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King size adjustable bed: 76” x 80”
  • Grand King adjustable bed: 80” x 98”

Please note the chart shows the styles and sizes for the United States and these are readily available here in the Cayman Islands.

Sleeping on an adjustable bed is proven to benefit your health by giving you a comfortable sleep. You have no reason to feel restless upon waking up since you know that only adjustable bed can give you the rest you deserve.


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