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A glass of beer, hiring a taxi, companions, the opposite sex, love and Georgina, too.

My friends know I enjoy a glass of beer. I also enjoy a glass of wine but I’m not a shorts drinker although I have been known to have the odd vodka and lemon. However, my firm favourite is a nice cold beer. Then there is apple cider – the alcoholic variety of course. My taste buds are twirling.

“Drink and be merry” is a familiar phrase that people would usually say when you are on vacation. But then, here in the Cayman Islands isn’t life a permanent vacation even though we have to work? There, however, lies the danger, because drinking and being merry is limited when people disregard their need for mobility and transportation, having to look at time to ensure that they go home safe and sound. Tourists tend to hire a taxi and that’s when they can really enjoy a glass of beer. Not only concentrating on the pubs, hiring a taxi extends its coverage to other tourist haunts where drinking is fine but driving ‘merry’ is not an option and dining out is also on the agenda.

If you don’t have to drive yourself, having a glass of beer with music and some pleasantries along the way are a good mix of better things to come, especially where members of the opposite sex are present, even perhaps leading to a stage where one can be able get to know each other better! Part of this, of course, comes from enjoying the company of each other and this proves to be an advantage on the part of the man. You see, guys, one of the hardest parts of trying to gain the nod of women is providing them with a good time and impressing them they made the right decision in giving in to your company!

By all means, this is one hard thing to do if a man is not careful. The judgment phase, that of which is trying to win the woman’s nod is perhaps the most invigorating part that cannot promise anything frugal. It is an open battlefield for them as they try to save face or obtain their trophy of trust from the apple of their eyes.

Women, of course, will not give in too easily (Georgina, considering her age, may be the exception). Men have to find out the funny bone of their intimate and romantic desires. The things that make them click as a whole are the most important aspect since women rarely have the time to waste time for men who pursue them without purpose. Flings may be possible but honestly, women today have become wiser. Time is an essential element in maturity and this can be seen once a woman shows that she is not playing around with men. Companionship is one thing but going towards the next level is something else.

Moreover, women value the effort and persistence. A woman will automatically not entertain the would-be suitors if she is not interested. With an open mind, most women would provide equal chances. If, in the first try you are turned down, then perhaps it would be better not to pursue or expect more. The whole thing will become useless and moot.

These are the realities in love and relationships. Many would want to get intimate and take on life together even if there is not a bond just yet. However, for most people wanting something serious, their road towards it will say it all. Persistence and sincerity will be tested and all of these can be seen sooner than they think.


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