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27th Annual Foster’s Food Fair 800M Sea Swim a resounding success

Swimmers gather before the 27th Annual Foster’s Food Fair 800M Sea Swim

The 27th Annual Foster’s Food Fair 800M Sea Swim started promptly despite the dark skies, torrential rain and thunder and lightning that had covered most of the western end of Grand Cayman earlier in the day.

Once again, as has happened in the past, the weather moved on and the Sea Swim went on as planned – with perhaps a few less swimmers than if the day had not begun on such a stormy note.

This year’s swim drew a crowd of 108 participants, made up of members of the competitive swimming community including the Stingray, Camana Bay Aquatic and Master’s Hammerhead Swim Clubs as well as regular sea swim enthusiasts.

Congratulations to all those who came out and enjoyed the beautifully calm sea despite the earlier weather; and, special mention must be made of the youngest swimmers Marisa Poole, who at the ripe old age of 5 years old already has 4 sea swims under her belt having completed her first at the age of 3, who finished 101st overall with a time of 26:25:5 and Lachlin Lambert who finished 105th in a time of 34:19:2.

In an exciting, almost too close to call, finish Geoff Butler was first across the line in a time of 10:08:9 minutes followed closely by Alex McCallum in 10:10:7 and brother Simon Butler was third in a time of 10:47:1. The first place female to cross the line, in seventh place overall, was Danielle Boothe in a time of 11:12:7, the second place female, in eighth place overall was Coral Tomascik in a time of 11:16:3 and third place female across the line was Lois Moody in a time of 12:14:4. His Excellency the Governor, Duncan Taylor, another big swimming aficionado, took part once again coming in 23rd place overall.

With multiple family groups swimming together, the sea swim is a sporting activity which the whole family can participate in and, as has now become customary, members of the Foster Family also participated including Chi-Chi Foster who finished in 78th place overall and placed first in her age-group. Woody Foster, managing director of Foster’s Food Fair, was there at the finish to present the age-group winners with medals and trophies.

A full set of results can be viewed at The next swim is the Pirates Week 5K on November 12th at 8am.



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