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“I believe the children are our future”- says Whitney

Whitney with her inspirational mother Angela General.

A teenager is on the verge of accomplishing the greatest dream of her life – and she thinks so many young Caymanians can follow in her footsteps.

Whitney General is about to embark on a life-changing journey to study medicine in the United Kingdom.

And after winning three prestigious awards at the Cayman Prep and High School Leavers Ceremony last month, the 19-year-old has only one person to thank for her remarkable achievements – her mother, Angela.

As well as getting outstanding grades, Whitney won the school’s Science Faculty Price, English Faculty Price and the Outstanding All-Round Achievement Prize.

Whitney said: “There are very good teachers here that are very concerned about their students-but it should be the students and their parents that genuinely want to learn, unless they play their part, the work of the goods teachers will be in vain.”

The young student, who is from a single parent household, applauds her mother for the sound and ethical examples she says she was taught, and wishes to implore all the young Caymanians to “never give up.”

She said: “My mother always told me to be careful about where I go and who I associate with. She told me that some people can deceive you and pretend they are your friends when they are not.”

The former John Gray High School student has already defeated the odds and is looking to do it again when she leaves the Island in September to attend Sheffield University in England.

Award winning Whitney proudly displays one of her prizes.

Whitney added: “I want to go into medicine, my role model since I was a child was Mr. Ben Carson, surgeon and motivational speaker, because he also came from a single parent home and he was poor, but he used his academics to push his way through.”

While admitting that her academic prowess is not typical, Whitney believes that with faith and good focus Caymanian children can turn the tables.

She told iNews: “Natural ability only works to a certain point, but after you acquire certain levels in High School you’ll find that you have to put in the work in order to achieve.”

She doesn’t deny that she has makes sacrifices in order to achieve, but makes it clear that she is no “book worm” either.

Whitney added: “TV is good, but I don’t have a TV in my room, I used to have one, but I just gave it to my mother.

“Apart from the ordinary “prep” classes I did not get anything that was not available to the other kids, no week long extra lessons, I play sports, I play basketball, netball and football in School, I participate in everything, and was “house captain” for my sports team.”

“I think the majority of our young people are being lead by friends, they just want to look and feel good so they don’t always put out their best in School.”

In September she will be leaving for the United Kingdom where she will attend the Sheffield University, where she will furthering her studies.



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