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‘Fall Ball’ starting soon

Fall Ball is part of year round action at Field of Dreams in George Town.

Cayman Little League is continuing a drive to go back to their roots, putting together a ‘Fall Ball’ programme, with an emphasis on fun, instruction and teamwork. The programme remains free, with coaches and pick-up teams, but no uniforms.

Already over 180 players have committed so far and numbers are climbing. There is enough for each age division to see action, despite the initial registration Sat 10 Sept being hampered by torrential rain.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Harris is coordinating the Fall Ball programme, has a viable supply of coaches, but always appreciates good help. Contact: ([email protected]).

Division           Ages                Day                                          Time

T-Ball                5-6                  Saturdays                                    2:30pm

PONY               7-8                   Mon or Wed/Games Fri          5:30pm

A                      9-10                  Mon + Wed                                 5:30pm

AA                    11-12                Tues + Thurs                              5:30pm

AAA                 13-15                Tues + Thurs                              5:30pm

Girls                 11-17                Still gathering requests, sign up on-line

Harris’s plan is for ‘less formal, instructional games. More than practices, more like remarkably fun practices’. Pulled together with coordinating help from veterans Cheyenna Stewart (T-Ball), Andrew Holness, Jeff Pouchie, Alero Abrahms, Chris McField, Jon DaCosta, Jeremy Rice, John Cridland and others.

Practices and games start Sat 24 Sept. The short season will last just 8 weeks, finish early Dec (including 2 weeks for rain-outs).

CILLA is developing a series of shorter, fun seasons, to compliment the main Feb-May program. A Summer Co-ed Softball season for older kids just concluded.

Already well underway is the Summer/Fall season of adult co-ed slow-pitch program with some 450 players on 21 teams in 3 leagues, playing mostly evenings under the lights. The current season ends mid-November, with a two-month break before the Winter/Spring starts on January 16th.  For more information about adult co-ed softball, contact Alan Markoff at [email protected].

Little League President Paul Gallagher ([email protected]) commented, “ This ‘Fall Ball’ program will allow kids who love baseball to play all year round, while honing their skills and potentially compete within the Caribbean. We’re excited to have more coaches come to the programme. Kids can play this short season independently or as a lead-in to the Spring programme. And we will use this to help us get better organized.”

As always, free for kids with a standing invitation to all, registration is still open:  at the Field of Dreams 5:30 M-F  (look for LaToya) or online @

Contact: Sara MacKay : 916-7600


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