January 24, 2020

The Editor speaks: Opposition in turmoil. Does anybody actually want to listen to them?


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Colin Wilson

With the resignation of Alva Suckoo as Deputy Opposition Leader and followed now by Ezzard Miller as Opposition Leader, one can only assume they are a group sailing in the seas without a rudder or a captain.

With so many young heads, who are not willing to learn from their elders, who on earth would want to take up that role as leader?

Suckoo resigned from the ruling Progressive Party when they were last in power, citing that he couldn’t get any of his bills tabled. By walking across the floor, he said, he would be able to achieve much more.

And what did he achieve? Almost nothing.

Even though he represents me here in Newlands it is like trying to find the Invisible Man! Before the election he was waving at me and nearly every day I bumped into him

From almost day one, MLA Kenneth Bryan, still wet behind the ears as a politician, was dismissed from the Opposition Group led by Miller. Now you can always find Bryan, who when you meet him is very likeable with a gorgeous smile. If you wait outside the offices of the Rooster local radio station early in the weekday mornings you will find him there. And behind that friendly smile….

He’s always ready with an opinion on any subject that is the menu’s daily special, but actually stumbles when you ask him a question he is unprepared for. The chef won’t come out of the kitchen to help him.

However, he is ready to work with anyone…… If they agree with him.

Neither Suckoo nor Bryan will wait in the wings to learn. They already know everything. They got their diplomas via the Internet. They listen to the ‘knowledgable locals’ they mix with. The harder they shout their words of wisdom, Suckoo and Bryan lap it up.

Nothing wrong with that, if they actually checked the so called facts that they had sucked up, and then went to hear differing views. That takes time and they are bent on a mission. He who shouts the loudest is heard. No matter what drivel it is.

According to Miller, the back bench has many very strong personalities. In their own admission, the backbench said they want to maintain their “independence and the political platform we are all elected on”.

Actually, they were elected to represent the people and they seem to have forgotten the old saying, “United we Stand, Divided we Fall.”

Premier, Alden McLaughlin, writing in his “Statement by the Premier on resignation of the Leader of the Opposition” we have published today, says, “in effect the country is witnessing first hand why it is not practical for a group of Independent candidates to get elected and then seek to come together in the country’s interest. They are too busy pursuing their own individual agendas to even try to develop a shared view.

McLaughlin correctly states, “Previously, these members have tried to paint themselves as a government in waiting. But if they cannot maintain any coherence in opposition, what chance is there that could form an effective government? Disunity, disorganization and dark deeds fuelled by personal, political ambition are not what this country needs to take us forward.”

Turmoil within any party is a recipe for disaster and it is shameful that none of them seem to realize this. Or should I say, the hot heads who seek every opportunity they can to get on the radio and television. I am sick of seeing them and to hear them is too much for my ears and patience.

I may not agree with some of Miller’s views, but I respect them, and I listen to them.

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