December 4, 2022

A wave of activist hedge funds are shaking up Japan

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By Jess Delaney, Institutional Investor From Business Insider For decades Japan Inc. has frustrated the efforts of just about every foreign shareholder activist who has tried to storm its gates. Beginning with T. Boone Pickens’s 1989 bid to get seats on the board of Koito Manufacturing Co., a Toyota parts supplier, Japanese companies have relied on […]

FSC recognises overseas stock and commodities exchanges

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By Harney Westwood & Riegels From ILO International Law Office Offshore Services British Virgin Islands Light-touch regulation Recognised exchanges The Financial Services Commission (FSC) recently issued the Regulatory Code (Recognised Exchanges) Notice 2015 under powers set out in the Regulatory Code 2009. The notice became effective as of January 15 2016. The recognised exchanges listed include […]