February 21, 2024


adidas celebrates the love of Football with ‘FUSSBALLLIEBE’ − the Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 2024™ adidas Today, adidas unveils the new FUSSBALLLIEBE Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 2024TM. FUSSBALLLIEBE, meaning ‘love of football’ will bring Connected Ball Technology to the UEFA European Football ChampionshipTM for the first time. FUSSBALLLIEBE is specially engineered for […]

Cayman Islands: Family office landscape

By Chris Larkin (EY) Cayman Finance From Mondaq There’s an industry adage that says “when you’ve seen one family office … you’ve seen one family office.” This is especially true in the current environment where many group structures either avoid the label “family office” or have grown complex so quickly that they don’t realise this […]