November 29, 2022

Six Senses heads to Caribbean island offering citizenship for investment

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From TTG Asia St Kitts & Nevis, an Eastern Caribbean island with a Citizenship-by-Investment programme, will soon welcome a Six Senses property. Six Senses St Kitts – resulting from a partnership between Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas and Range Developments – is scheduled to be completed in three years. It is expected to bring 70 […]

Blue coral snake venom is ridiculously potent and causes instant paralysis

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By Josh Hrala, ScienceAlert From Business Insider While all venomous snake bites are a serious worry, most take longer than you’d expect to kill a fully grown human. That’s because venom typically works by slowing down the body’s vital systems until the victim drifts off to death. But the blue coral snake (Calliophis bivirgata) is […]

Danish bull sperm making splash in Thailand

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By CW From Copenhagen Post 2,500 doses of Danish bull semen headed for Thai cows Denmark is well known for it ability to produce quality dairy products, bacon, green energy and pharmaceutical products. Now, you can officially add bull sperm to the list. Vikinggenetics, the Scandinavian-owned cattle-breeding company based in Randers, has garnered a massive […]