November 27, 2021

Office of the Ombudsman Press Release- Hearing Decision 62 involving The Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants

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OMB Press Release: The Ombudsman’s Office has released Decision 62 concluding that the Freedom of Information Law does not apply to the Cayman Islands Institute of Public Accountants. A press release and copy of the decision is attached for your reference. On 12 February 2018 an individual made a request to the Cayman Islands Institute […]

The Editor Speaks: An apology?

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One of our main stories published today is headlined “Cayman Islands Ombudsman recommends Government Ministry to apologize”. Excuse me? A government department to apologize? That’s asking for the moon. The article centres around someone (a woman) who “ was not satisfied with the Ministry’s response to her original request for information on stamp duty abatements. […]