January 27, 2022

George H W Bush in intensive care after wife’s funeral

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From BBC Former US President George H W Bush is in a hospital intensive care unit with an infection, a week after the death of his wife, Barbara. In a statement, a family spokesman said he had contracted an infection that spread to his blood, but was “responding to treatments”. The 93-year-old was admitted to […]

Priest: Israel ‘Only Safe Place’ for Christians in Middle East

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From Newsmax A Greek Orthodox priest told a United Nations panel about the horrifying plight of Christians in the Middle East and said Israel is the only place in the region where Christians can live in safety. “The earth of the Middle East is soaked with the blood of Christians being killed daily,” Father Gabriel […]

Christians in Iraq worse off now than under Saddam

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From Newsmax The persecution of Christians in Iraq is worse today than it was before a United States-led force deposed brutal dictator Saddam Hussein, a Republican congressman declared. “As we witness the black flag of al-Qaida again fly over cities such as Fallujah, which we had won at the cost of so much American blood, […]