October 3, 2022

The Caribbean and climate change: Evil in paradise?

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By Rebecca Theodore From The Nassau Guardian Is there an immediate lifeline for the lives of the more-than-40 million people who now lie in peril in the Caribbean? In no uncertain terms, the ravaging effects of climate change in the Caribbean are rapidly changing the relationship between people and their environment. If for anything, climate change […]

Mental health in the Caribbean: The silent epidemic?

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By Rebecca Theodore From Caribbean News Now Beyond the economic and political blockades experienced by small-island states, lies a silent epidemic called mental health. It is a cursed and shameful disease marked by poverty and stigma. Mental illness is now morphed into a disease of pain and exclusion, and is the most misconstrued and ill-treated […]

America: Where demagogues win?

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By Rebecca Theodore From Caribbean News Now Aside from the blatant fact of observing the suppression of freedom of speech in a presidential election campaign – something that America forbids in many democratic nations of the world, the great irony is that demagogues are now a part of the natural life cycle of democracy in […]