July 6, 2022

The Editor Speaks: No photocopying of court pleadings

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It was with much surprise to learn after what has been practiced for a very long time the making of photocopies of court pleadings will no longer be allowed. Why? According to the court, publishing public court documents online could constitute a violation of copyright, But it is a PUBLIC document. The public can review […]

Amendments to Notary Public Law Gazetted

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THE NOTARIES PUBLIC (AMENDMENT) LAW, 2013 (LAW 26 OF 2013) Supplement No. 2 published with Extraordinary Gazette No. 3 dated 15th January, 2014. THE NOTARIES PUBLIC (AMENDMENT) LAW, 2013 1.        Short title ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS 2.         Amendment of section 2 of the Notaries Public Law, 2013 – interpretation 3.         Amendment  of  the  principal  Law  to  […]