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The Editor Speaks: What MIGHT happen is speculation

The word “MIGHT” is bandied about by the media to sensationalise their stories that are merely speculative and lack any hard facts or data. And seemingly not just by the media. The Cayman Real Estate Association and the Cayman Islands…

Cayman Finance urge movers of Private Member’s Motion to withdraw the motion

Cayman Finance statement in relation to the recent Private Member’s motion by Mr. Arden McLean and Mr. Winston Connolly In the context of the Private Member’s Motion, Cayman Finance strongly urges the movers of the motion and the other members…

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Cayman’s Premier gets a shock as Speaker comes to his rescue

The vote on Arden McLean’s Private Member’s Motion of One Man One Vote ended in in a deadlock with 6 ‘no’s’ and 6 ‘yes’s’. There were five absentees and this caused Juliana O’Connor-Connolly to cast her vote with Premier Alden…

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The reason why Rivers and government would not support Private Member’s Minimum Wage Bill

The following is the complete address by Minister of Employment, Hon. Tara Rivers, to the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly in response to Private Member ’s  Motion No. 2/2013 -2014: Amendment to the Labour Law (2011 Revision) Thank you, Madame Speaker….