June 17, 2021

Alan Grayson braces for Ethics Committee report on his Caymans hedge funds

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By Alex Leary From Tampa Bay Times WASHINGTON – Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is bracing for the release Tuesday of a House Ethics Committee report into a Cayman Islands-based hedge funds he started, a development that could shape an already heated Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. The committee in February moved to extend the probe […]

The curious case of Alan Grayson

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By Geoff Dutton From Counter Punch No matter what your political persuasion or what you think of him, you must admit that Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL9) is a piece of work. If you were on his mailing list, you’d be receiving exciting messages like this: “When I was in college, I cleaned toilets. When the […]

Grayson drops ‘Grayson’ from funds’ names

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By Scott Powers From Orlando Sentinel Grayson drops ‘Grayson’ from names of controversial hedge funds he runs. While continuing his position that there was never anything wrong with the practice to begin with, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson is dropping his name from hedge funds he runs, funds that had drawn ethics complaints and political criticism […]