August 5, 2021

St Martin: Yacht intercepted with 588 kilos of cocaine on board

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By SXM TALKS MARIGOT–A Customs vessel from St. Martin was one of two vessels along with a helicopter that took part in an operation last week Wednesday leading to a seizure of 588 kilos of cocaine from a sailing yacht, the Customs office in St. Martin disclosed. The yacht Aldabra was intercepted and searched some […]

250 kilos of cocaine seized in UK – Caribbean joint operation

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From The London Post (By Shahid Qureshi / PR -NCA ) : – A UK-bound yacht carrying an estimated 250 kilos of cocaine has been intercepted in the Caribbean, following a joint operation involving the National Crime Agency (NCA), Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the French authorities. The UK-registered vessel SY Hygeia of Halsa was […]