May 18, 2022

Scientists discovered an underwater lake of death called the ‘Jacuzzi of Despair’

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Darren Weaver and Jessica Orwig From Business Insider In 2015, a team of scientists and engineers with the Ocean Exploration Trust were exploring the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico when they came across a larger brine pool, which looks like underwater lake. The team was so curious that it sent a vehicle into the […]

In pursuit of the Caribbean’s hidden dangers

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By Jeffrey Marlow   From WIRED An octopus lingers near a bed of giant mussels discovered at a new methane seep in the Caribbean Sea. (Image: Ocean Exploration Trust) The world’s oceans are a source of wonderment, sustenance, and, at times, peril. None of the Seas encapsulates this dramatic range quite like the Caribbean, with beautiful […]