December 6, 2023

Caribbean bat species need 8 million years to recover from recent extinction waves

From SAT Press Releases: Bats include the fishing bat, vampire bats and many fig-eating species How long does it take a community of mammals to recover after a wave of species loss? Bats in the Caribbean Islands may hold new answers, biologists report in a paper published this week in the journal Nature Ecology & […]

Cayman Islands Marine Institute is expanding

From Caribbean Journal A major Caribbean marine institute is expanding One of the Caribbean’s leading marine research centers is expanding. The United States’ The National Science Foundation has provided a facilities grant to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s research center in Little Cayman. The funding is expected to improve operations capacity and the overall outputs […]

Healthy coral reefs need predatory fish

From infozine Scientists had already demonstrated that overfishing removes angelfish and parrotfish that feed on sponges growing on coral reefs–sponges that sometimes smother the reefs. That research was conducted off Key Largo, FL. Washington DC – infoZine – Now, new research by the same team of ecologists suggests that removing these predators by overfishing alters […]