June 28, 2022

Once Upon a Time in H/wood

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Who’s Who in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Character Guide By Rebecca Alter From Vulture Quentin Tarantino plays fast and loose with historical revisionism like he’s a kid left alone with action figures, or a Harry/Louis slash-fic writer drowning in AO3 tags. He takes a piece of history that’s captured his imagination, creates a Mary Sue or two […]

PATTISON Outdoor Advertising reveals the capital city’s first station dominations promoting Rogers Digital TV

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TORONTO ON, July 9, 2014 – PATTISON Onestop celebrates the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto with a specially commissioned exhibition, Confluence: Shifting Perspectives of the Caribbean, bringing together a group of works produced by artists with cultural ties to the Caribbean. From July 25 – August 29, Confluence: Shifting Perspectives of the Caribbean will appear every […]