October 20, 2021

Arif Naqvi’s lawyer to defend him against airline lawsuit

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By Murtaza Ali Shah From THE NEWS PK LONDON: The lawyer of Abraaj founder and well-known Pakistani emerging markets magnate Arif Naqvi has vowed to strongly defend him against Air Arabia’s lawsuit against his client which has been issued while the settlement talks were underway between the two parties. Habib Al Mulla, executive chairman of […]

Abraaj founder Naqvi faces UAE court ruling over bounced cheque

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From The National Sharjah judge is scheduled on Thursday to rule whether Mr Naqvi and colleague Muhammad Rafique Lakhani issued cheque without necessary funds A public prosecutor in the UAE has accepted a criminal complaint against Abraaj Group’s founder Arif Naqvi for issuing a cheque without sufficient funds, in another blow to the embattled Dubai […]