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Montserrat National Trust

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Hikers on Caribbean island find ancient stone carvings

IANS | London From Business Standard Hikers out for a stroll on the Caribbean island of Montserrat found ancient stone carvings that archaeologists believe could offer valuable insight into the island’s pre-colonial history. The petroglyphs — which appear to depict…

Montserrat – Pompeii of the Caribbean

Welcome to Montserrat-the modern day Pompeii of the Caribbean … Abandoned Spaces From The Vintage News In the West Indies, there is a tiny Caribbean island called Montserrat, nicknamed The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, but also in the same…

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The Studio that made Rock and Roll history is rotting away on a Caribbean island

From MessyNessy The island of Montserrat in the West Indies became a Caribbean Pompeii when in 1995, the Soufrière Hills volcano woke up. The capital was buried in more than 12 metres of mud while the rest of the island was…