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Michael Cohen’s evidence against Trump is getting compared to those long-ass CVS receipts

By Nicole Gallucci From Mashable After years and years in the spotlight, CVS receipts have finally met their match: Michael Cohen. As Trump’s former personal attorney testified against Donald Trump before Congress on Wednesday morning, the American people came to realize he…

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US – Napolitano: Don’t believe Cohen without corroboration

By Sandy Fitzgerald From Newsmax President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen’s upcoming testimony before key House committees shouldn’t be believed unless there is something that corroborates what he’s saying, Judge Andrew Napolitano said Tuesday. “This dynamite piece that The Wall…

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US: Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gets 3 years in prison

From Newsmax Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s once-devoted lawyer and all-around fixer, was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison after telling a federal judge that his “blind loyalty” to Trump led him to cover up the president’s “dirty deeds.” Standing…

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US: DOJ firewalls, taint teams don’t protect 4th, 6th Amendment Rights

By Alan Dershowitz from Newsmax Many TV pundits are telling viewers not to worry about the government’s intrusion into possible lawyer/client privileged communications between President Trump and his lawyer, since prosecutors won’t get to see or use any privileged material….

BARCLAYS: A lot of pros are getting these 5 things wrong about the oil industry

By Akin Oyedele From Business Insider Barclays would like to clarify a few things about crude oil production. In a note to clients on Wednesday, Michael Cohen, the head of energy commodities research, wrote that the central story of the…