August 10, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Plastic bags. Should we practice TCI’s example?

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We have published a story today titled “Goodbye to single use plastic bags Ban to take effect from January 2019”. It tells us that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government are cracking down on the single use of plastic bags which will be soon removed from all the country’s supermarkets and shops. From the TCI […]

Bermuda: Majority votes ‘no’ in same-sex poll

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By Tim Smith, News Editor From The Royal Gazette   Graphic by Jalesa Darrell The campaign against same-sex marriage has an eight-point lead over the campaign in favour, according to a poll commissioned by The Royal Gazette. However, those in favour of same-sex civil unions outnumber those against by 13 percentage points, in the survey […]

French company fined US$772 million to resolve Bahamas and other bribery charges

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NEW HAVEN, USA (BERNAMA-NNN-CARIBBEAN NEWS)– Alstom SA, a French power and transportation company, was sentenced last November in US District Court in Connecticut to pay a US$772 million fine to resolve criminal charges related to a widespread corruption scheme involving at least $75 million in secret bribes paid to government officials in countries around the […]