August 13, 2022

Prisoners endure health crisis inside Colombian jails

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From telesur Inmates who suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are going untreated due to a lack of medicine. Colombian Justice Minister Jorge Londoño had no choice but to declare Thursday an emergency inside the country’s jails over the critical healthcare situation of prisoners. The decree, which will expire at the end […]

Inside Colombia’s ‘Guantanamo Bay’: A Human Rights nightmare

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From telesur Ariz Carrillo spent two years and five months locked behind bars at one of Colombia’s maximum security prisons, la Tramacua ­– a place so renown for its human rights abuses that it has been dubbed “the Guantanamo of Colombia.” Prisoners in La Tramacua prison suffer from overcrowding, sweltering Caribbean heat, lack of water, […]