August 10, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Is this the reason why the FCO did not want the Tempura Report made public?

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I must admit I have been puzzled why the Governor’s Office/FCO went to extraordinary lengths to stop the Report on Operation Tempura from being made public. Then an email was sent to me that had a plausible theory – I will not name the sender of the email because of what may be pending legal […]

Jury finds Anglin guilty of Swiss banker murder

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Chad Anglin (34) was found guilty of the murder of Swiss banker, Fredrick Bise, by a 12 person jury in Grand Cayman’s Crown Court on Tuesday (20). Justice Alex Henderson then gave Anglin the mandatory life sentence. The case was the first one brought to court by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Cold Case Unit some […]

The Editor Speaks: The cost of time wasting

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The four West Bay women, Alice Mae Coe, Betty Ebanks, Annie Multon and Ezmie Smith lost not unsurprisingly their case when they challenged the closure of the West Bay Road. What was surprising to me was why Justice Alex Henderson didn’t throw the case out before it went to trial. The ruling was the ladies […]