August 15, 2022

Here’s why slow-motion video could be more damaging in front of a jury

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By Nicole Orttung, Christian Science Monitor From Business Insider With the proliferation of police officers’ body cameras and popularity of citizens live-streaming run-ins with the police, it’s increasingly likely that court testimony isn’t just one memory of how events unfolded held up against another. More and more, there’s video evidence to consider as well. But […]

Amazon UK begins offering loans for pricier purchases

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By Matt Brian From engadget Installment plans are its latest weapon against High Street retailers. In a bid to put an even bigger squeeze on its brick-and-mortar competition, Amazon is now offering its customers installment plans to help them buy the more expensive items on its website. According to The Guardian, Brits can now select Amazon’s […]

Making a strong case for Public Mutuals

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Steve McIntosh of Cayman recruiting agency CMLOR is making a case for using mutualization instead of selling off assets. See iNews Cayman Editorial “Is mutualization a better solution to selling off government assets?” published today. The following document explains what mutual are all about. Our Mutual Friends Making the Case for Public Service Mutuals A […]